Free Download: Cloud

LA by way of Boston and NYC troubadours Cloud are generously unleashing a cover of the almighty Leonard Cohen's 'Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye', exclusively here on Bearded.

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2013 in Features and Interviews, Cloud, Audio Antihero / By Larry Day
Free Download: Cloud Cloud, the “alternative-pop vs freak-folk vs indie-rock vs lo-fi megasoul” outfit, paraded a string of eclectic inspirations – ranging from Animal Collective to jazz and post-rock – on their recent lauded LP Comfort Sounds. Mainman Tyler Taormina veers through emotions and narratives over the convention-blurring full-length, crooning of love and life and fear and anger over a stunning backdrop of fuzzy guitars, shuffling rhythms and clarion brass. It's a record sodden with heavyweight feeling that gets you right inside the inner machinations of a troubled soul; it's simultaneously heartbreaking and fascinating.

Listen/download for free to their version of Leonard Cohen's classic cut, 'Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye', employing their calling-card style to ensure a fresh take that grabs your ears from the get-go. Be warned: have tissues on standby.