Bearded Premiere: Juffage - Fate’s Gone Away

Juffage debuts his new video for single 'Fate's Gone Away' right here on Bearded.

Posted on Jun 7th, 2013 in Features and Interviews, Juffage / By Jack Sibley
Bearded Premiere: Juffage - Fate’s Gone Away

If Juffage were cockney, he'd be Burt from Mary Poppins - the otherworldly, multi-instrumental entertainer. Luckily, Jeff T. Smith (a part-time name of Juffage) isn't also a chimney sweep and thus has the time to bring us great scapes of songs that rock and sway out of his fist of control.

Here, Juffage gives Bearded the privilege of debuting his latest video in a series spanning a month. And it's a real slice of live Juffage action. For the first new track in the series, we are brought a 5/4 mini-epic which never sounds forced. It's a perfect example of the greatest function of Juffage - to bring the truly experimental and artistic into a popular setting where it is perfectly disguised, passing itself off as simply good pop music whilst planting seeds. Bearded experienced this when we were lucky enough to catch Juffage's only gig of the year at the Leftbank Centre, Leeds, where he played with octophonic sound in the surroundings of a church and other top-class local talents. At the end of the video, after all the swells and troughs Juffage has frantically passed on to us, he takes one long, intense and almost spiteful look at the audience and finishes it with a decisive beat of the tom.

But alas, with no more Juffage gigs planned for this year, we can only wait to experience this in person whilst he continues to grow stronger and more frustratingly incredible.