Bearded exclusive…Emily Rodgers’ latest single

America’s tradition of pushing out raw folk artists that love a haunting violin continues with Emily Rodgers latest single, ‘In The City’ from her forthcoming release Two Years. Part the plaintive acoustics of Alela Diane, part the hollow warble of Lykki Li or bitter harshness of Kristin Hersh ‘In The City’ is one for fans of the modern take on folk coming out of America’s early noughties.

Posted on May 19th, 2016 in Features and Interviews, Emily Rodgers, Misra / By Ian Stanley
Bearded exclusive…Emily Rodgers’ latest single Not since 2009’s Bright Day has Emily Rodgers released an album. That changes when this year’s Two Trees is released on June 10th, but ahead of that we’ve got a couple of single releases to go. The third in line from the album is ‘In The City’ which the good people at her record company have given Bearded as an exclusive for your ears to munch on.

Coming from the same box as Alela Diane, Kristin Hersh, Mazzy Star or Beth Orton when they are delivering acoustic numbers with simplistic ringing chords and hollowed out raw vocals to ears, ‘In The City’ pings about your ears with all the nightly horror of a major metropolis. With a moaning and groaning cello and rigidly plucked guitar forming a spine to the song, Rodgers' vocals hit it hard and harsh like a human slammed against an inner-city mesh fence as she sings, "I was born again in this city."

It's quick to build, and on the album the song is surrounded by like-minded companions on whatever journey we are about to be taken by Rodgers. It could be traditional and out into the woods, but there's more of a metropolitan vibe to this and other songs on the album. Enjoy!