Bearded’s Guide To… Devon

Joshua Edwards has a little look at what to expect from Devon this summer...

Posted on Jul 13th, 2011 in Features and Interviews, Count To Fire / By Joshua Edwards
Count To Fire As of late Devon has had no choice but to let travellers from all around the land squat in their fields and dance joyous dances like ‘The Running Man’ and be allowed. Festival season is once again among us. Then what better way than to pinpoint two fantastic Devonshire bands that plan to brighten the festival scene.

Preparing for a long run of festivals this year are Exeter's afrobeat reggae rioters Hot Dub Bikini Party. Consisting of 5 members this band emulates the vibe of summer and throws it down onto their audience with every performance. Taking influences from Bob Marley and The Maccabees this mixture of guitar effects and hails to the sun and love, can turn any frown upside down. Embodying the heart and soul of the music Hot Dub Bikini Party are true festival pioneers and can conjure up any perfect formula to lead their listeners into a frenzy of jumping and crazy dances. With tracks like ‘Burden the Pain’, the syncopation of the rhythm guitar and the moving in unison between the drums and the bass captures this band's pure entity and cannot shy away from when seen in a tent among thousands of other music lovers.

Currently promoting their debut album Fever, Hot Dub Bikini Party can be found on Facebook here or on their website.

Wilco and My Morning Jacket inspired self proclaimed "British Country" band Count To Fire bring something different to the table with their blend of folk-esque, and Indie pop, the band state themselves with a different persona every album. WIth their album In Another Life reviewed by many a magazine, the Devon boys have no troubles in poking their thumbs into festival pies or stamping their feet into venue doors. Booming their way on stage with the fiddle mastery of Joe Mansfield and the majestic vocals of Will Odgers, the dual work of the two members in the band create the best texture combined with the rest of the band. Especially in true, honest tracks like ‘Battles’ a honorary mix of Mumford and Sons meets Bob Dylan, having a nice carvery with The Killers. Lined up to play Sidmouth Fringe Festival amongst others, these guys are certainly another band to keep those eager eyes on, whichever field you find yourself in.