Hi-Def TV - A Long Year

A delicate short collection of songs from Londoner Darren Plant.

Released Feb 14th, 2011 / By Ben Wood
Hi-Def TV - A Long Year If you’ve ever wondered what a collaboration between Brian Eno circa Music for Airports and Nick Drake would have sounded like… here is the answer.

Singer/songwriter Darren Plant has created three hushed and spacious tone poems, his well-enunciated English voice burnished with occasional acoustic guitar, piano and banjo.

These three tunes are cut from similar cloth – indeed, it’s difficult to tell them apart – but while this is no songwriting masterclass, the results are nevertheless rather lovely in a low-key way.

So slow they’re almost frozen, these minimal meditations, with their poetic lyrical fragments, give an intriguing sense of meaning floating just out of reach.

Soothing and ambient without any taint of New Agey nonsense, this EP uses very few notes and lots of space to make something beautiful.

If you need to slow your life down for a few minutes, this is just the ticket.