Indigos: Indigos EP (Club AC30)

Shocking Blue: Heavy pop trio release sterling new EP

Released Aug 17th, 2020 via Club AC30 / By Richard Lewis
Indigos: Indigos EP (Club AC30) A possible indication that they’ve arrived at the sound they’ve been striving for with its eponymous title, Bristolian dream pop outfit Indigos resurface with their third EP.

Their first release through leading shoegaze outfit Club AC30, the trio’s self-description as “heavy pop” is borne out by the four tracks, with their combination of serrated guitars and melodic vocal lines. Made to sound huge via it’s less-is-more production courtesy of fellow Bristolian Ben Johnson and Idles guitarist Lee Kiernan, the spaciousness largely seems to derive from being tracked live.

Silhouette of You, exploding from its brooding verses into full-blown choruses is the best moment here, reinvigorating the Pixies patented loud-quiet dynamic. In contrast I’m Healed, the darkest sounding track present, displays restraint in not having its descending guitar riff increase in volume with the arrival of the choruses.

Reminiscent of Texan guitar slingers Ringo Deathstarr with its close plaiting of boy-girl vocals, the switch during Out of Body from a languid stroll grunge guitar blitz indicates a fondness for Smashing Pumpkins. The wayward arpeggios and earworm vocal melody of Animalistic meanwhile provide an intriguing curveball.

Effectively a one third of an LP, if Indigos’ debut long player can sustain this level of songwriting across twelve tracks we’re in for a treat indeed. 8/10