Menace Beach – Lowtalkin’ / Tennis Court (Memphis Industries)

Leeds fuzz rock troupe celebrate the last rays of summer on double A-side

Released Sep 1st, 2014 via Memphis Industries / By Jack Doherty
Menace Beach – Lowtalkin’ / Tennis Court (Memphis Industries) Monday. Rain.
Tuesday. Rain.
Wednesday. Rain.
Thursday... Well, you get the picture.

Most of the time, the weather in England is a bit crap. So, during the summer, many decide to escape, floating off towards the waistband of the world in the search of some sunshine. However, there is another way to feel the rays. A way that doesn't involve planes, trains or bloody automobiles. A way that Menace Beach know all too well.

With double A-side 'Lowtalkin'' /'Tennis Court', the Leeds group use their fuzzed-up punk pop to dream up some of that sweet vitamin D. Both songs buzz around your insides like there's no tomorrow, getting you all doe-eyed and nostalgic for a childhood never lived. One spent roaming around the neighbourhood in your knee socks, knocking back cartons of sweet OJ while trying to nail that tre flip just one more time.

The group might not be the future of rock and roll, but who cares. Right now all I'm bothered about is clinging onto the last remnants of summer. You can get a tan from direct exposure to distortion, right?