Free Your Self: If It Takes Your Breath Away (Self Released)

Music and visuals that will give your inner calm a real boost

Released Jul 13th, 2020 / By Clementine Lloyd
It’s likely that most of you out there would love a bit of escapism right now. Well, look no further than right here! Coming from Southern Californian singer/songwriter Wesley Walker under the guise of Free Your Self, this track is seven minutes of gently rolling freedom and bliss.

With lilting guitars strummed by walker himself accompanied by a bevvy of violins, drums, and a chorus of voices to be reckoned with, lyrics “it’s that peaceful easy feeling/that’s got a hold on me” hold fast to the theme.

The video encompasses that feeling you have when you take a trip with friends to the wilderness. All that open space and fresh air allows you to breathe and spend some quality time with special people. Man, does it look like they’re having a good time. Strolling along lakesides, playing with dogs, dancing in slow motion, taking rides on a ‘hippyfied’ paddleboard with a guitar. Finally, walking up to the top of a lookout, singing together as the sun sets over the wilds.

The whole record Free Music!, is available now to stream via Spotify and Soundcloud and download on Bandcamp with more music videos on YouTube. It promises to hold the same glacial pace, yet with the warmth of the Californian sun. Deftly played strings, deep vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and some beautiful duets. If you can’t get out into the wilderness, this will be the next best thing!