Live Reviews

  1. Screaming Females

    Screaming Females @ The Luminaire, London 27.10.10

    Fronting the tried and tested set-up of a bass-drums-guitar trio, with some hefty vocals thrown in for good measure, Screaming Females recall the golden age of garage rock. In measures of Bikini Kill and shots of punk outfits like Television and The Slits, it is a simplistic sound made epic through leading lady Marissa Paternoster’s stellar solos and plucky riffs.

    Posted on Nov 2nd, 2010

  2. Mice Parade

    Mice Parade @ Corsica Studios, London 13.10.10

    Tonight’s musical arrangement, a meagre 6 by measure of Mice Parade’s usual number, take their place on quite possibly the world’s tallest stage (easily over 4 ft) and slip readily into one of their most achingly beautiful tracks ‘Recover’.

    Posted on Nov 2nd, 2010

  3. Supersonic 22-24.10.10

    Supersonic 22-24.10.10

    Birmingham's "foremost purveyors of what is interesting, exciting and invigorating about music in the twenty-first century" strike gold again at this year's Supersonic festival

    Posted on Oct 26th, 2010

  4. A Storm of Light

    A Storm of Light @ The Croft, Bristol 05.10.10

    Just as wonderfully dark and dingy as ever, The Croft never disappoints. It is especially lovely for this Bearded writer tonight since he hasn’t paid a visit in over a year. Quickly noticeable are the whole host of new posters on the walls and a brand new gig room to add to the already sweaty quarters. But alas, tonight is no night for new room distractions as Brooklyn metallers A Storm of Light have come to entertain with a few friends.

    Posted on Oct 19th, 2010

  5. Of Montreal

    Of Montreal @ KoKo, London 06.10.10

    Starting earlier than was to be expected, and breaking us in with the dark and drawling 'Black Lion Massacre', Of Montreal dive head first in to their hefty set, showering us with the wealth of their years and experience on the music scene.

    Posted on Oct 18th, 2010

  6. Maps & Atlases

    Maps and Atlases / Tall Ships @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 09.10.10

    Ready that dead horse for a fierce beating, because this show was an odd one. Without getting too bogged down in some polemical preamble, let’s just say that it’s easy to see when a genre – as a scene or a community or a trend or whatever – is in trouble.

    Posted on Oct 12th, 2010

  7. Hope and Social

    Hope & Social @ The Luminaire, London 23.09.10

    A warm and sizable venue whose inscribed walls certainly don’t hold back from reminding you to shut the fuck up whilst the bands are playing... an excellent support set by Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles leads us into the main act of the night...

    Posted on Oct 6th, 2010

  8. Offset Festival

    Offset Festival @ Hainault Forest, London 04-05.09.10

    Set in the rural grounds of Hainault Forest, Offset Festival brings the best in indie, electronic, and post-punk music to round off the great British summer. As an Offset virgin, Bearded is pleasantly pleased to have it's cherry popped over this inebriated weekend. Fortunately, one's memory serves well enough to tell you the highs and lows of London’s glorified boutique festival. On entrance, it immediately features one of the best ideas for a festival ever – a car park NEXT to the camp site NEXT to the arena. Fucking genius!

    Posted on Sep 20th, 2010

  9. Plants and Animals

    Plants and Animals @ the Old Blue Last, Hoxton 09.09.10

    It’s cosy and friendly upstairs at Hoxton’s Old Blue Last. Impressive Norwegian openers Moddi’s warm, cinematic post-rock goes down a storm - lovely stuff. The Pattern Theory’s competent but unexciting update on mid-70s Pink Floyd is nothing special, but it’s Plants and Animals most of us have come to see.

    Posted on Sep 15th, 2010

  10. Allo Darlin’

    Allo Darlin’ @ Proud Galleries, Camden 25.08.10

    Feeling tired and sick Bearded drags itself across London, into the hazy red-lit fug of the Proud Gallery, Camden, and takes it's place in front of the stage. After a short delay and some geek-based banter from Elizabeth and Bill, Allo Darlin’ launch into their opener 'If Loneliness Was Art'. As the opening chords and bouncing base washes over me, entwined with the lyrics ‘If loneliness was art, I could hang you from the wall’, suddenly the fug of smoke and the heady scent of Red wine isn’t too much. It is just enough to support the weight of the energetic Indie melodies that resonate through the audience.

    Posted on Sep 1st, 2010

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