The New Video for The Hot Head Show’s ‘BANG NOW’ is Ridiculous

Apparently, writing about painting is like dancing about architecture. If that's the case then writing about Hot Head Show is like dribbling about tennis balls.

Posted on Jun 28th, 2012 in Videos, Hot Head Show / By James Pullin

'BANG NOW' is the latest and arguably greatest song from Californians via Tottenham Hot Head Show. The video for 'BANG NOW' is their latest and arguably their greatest video. Although this winning combination of 'greatest' and 'latest' didn't appear on the band's recent release The Lemon LP, Hot Head Show's visual collaboration with All Aboard Films is an infuriatingly memorable work of dexterity and creativity, much like their music.

Even a quick peruse of the band's youtube channel reveals the extent of the band's lunacy, and is highly recommended if 'BANG NOW' takes your fancy. The elusive Hot Head Show have been spotted lolloping across Europe recently, so keep an ear to the ground and a kind thought in your hearts if you want to see them live.