Hot Head Show Tour Video

The band-made tour video documenting their shenanigans whilst on tour with Primus last summer.

Posted on Mar 1st, 2012 in Videos, Hot Head Show / By Suzi Ireland
The band themselves describe their latest visual statement:

"It has long been HOT HEAD SHOW's policy to craft its Video Entertainments with the same diligence and stylistic adventurism as its Musics. Head Hot Road Show #3 was assembled first as a weighty manuscript containing many long words, then refined into a 120-minute guided meditation, from which only highest lights were then distilled over many weeks into an hour-long documentary which has since been whittled (mindful of the restraints within which our comrades prudently temper the time spent entertaining themselves online) into the 354-second rhythmadelically maximalist micromontage presented here to you now. It is hoped that your today will be different having undergone this Entertainment than it might otherwise have been."

You can purchase the band's latest album The Lemon LP here.