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  1. Interview: Wedlock

    Interview: Wedlock

    Coming from an area of the States with a rich music heritage of its own and bringing a love of English electro pop, here is a musical marriage that deserves to last. David Brown talks to Wedlock’s singer, Paul Allgood, about this band of gold.

    Posted on Jun 28th, 2010

  2. Interview: Teddy

    Interview: Teddy

    Bearded catch up with Ghanaian grime producer Teddy and find out about his new record and what the future of grime music will become.

    Posted on Jun 25th, 2010

  3. Slushy Guts

    Free Music and Q&A: Slushy Guts

    When two records drop through your letterbox, both with stunning artwork and gorgeous fuzzy tunes inside, it would be criminal not to find out more. Bearded chats to the man behind Slushy Guts, leaves him paranoid about his acute sense of self, and then walks away with a free track.

    Posted on Jun 23rd, 2010

  4. The Varp

    Interview: The Varp

    Bearded puts The Varp through a thorough interrogation to see what we can extract...

    Posted on Jun 21st, 2010

  5. Basil Kirchin

    RIP Five Years Today: Basil Kirchin. A brief memoir by Jonny Trunk

    On 18 June 2005, one of Britain's most visionary and influential avant-garde musicians left us. Jonny Trunk, the man who brought him to a whole new audience, writes about his relationship with a man crippled by illness, and given a new lease of life 30 years after the public had forgotten him.

    Posted on Jun 18th, 2010

  6. Thee Oh Sees

    Interview: John Dwyer from Thee Oh Sees

    Thee Oh Sees' new record Warm Slime is outstanding, but Bearded editor and über Oh Sees fan Gareth Main doesn't use his interview time with John Dwyer to talk about it. Instead he chatted to his musical hero about the Channel Tunnel, marijuana legislation and the flute, here's the transcript

    Posted on Jun 14th, 2010

  7. Drum Eyes

    Introducing: Drum Eyes

    Whisper it quietly, but we at Bearded think Drum Eyes are about to unleash the best debut of 2010, possibly of the decade. We caught up with Shige Ishihara (AKA DJ Scotch Egg) to ask about his influences

    Posted on Jun 11th, 2010

  8. Super Adventure Club

    Interview: Armellodie Records

    "...a tiny wee rock co-operative, label, stable, collective, whatever, based in but not exclusive to Glasgow, Scotland. D.I.Y with a bit of pride, that's what it's all about..."

    Posted on Jun 11th, 2010

  9. Frank Turner

    2000 Trees sold out!

    Discover the very best in new British music on Upcote Farm in Cheltenham - 16th and 17th July, 2010...

    Posted on Jun 9th, 2010

  10. Festival Q&A: Fiona Stewart, Green Man Festival

    Festival Q&A: Fiona Stewart, Green Man Festival

    After eight years, Green Man is getting a reputation for being a small festival with a killer line-up. This year's festival includes The Flaming Lips and Joanna Newsom. Bearded caught up with Managing Director Fiona Stewart.

    Posted on Jun 9th, 2010

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