Watch the new Trails video - Is My Purple Your Purple?

The Guildford band have been overwhelmed by affection for their fans, and have decided to give a track away for free! Perhaps they're pursuing that "anti-marketing" market, as Bill Hicks would say?

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2012 in Videos, Trails / By James Pullin

There must be something in Surrey's water supply. Ever since the Godfathers of Guildford based rock Reuben intoxicated the town with their screaming guitars, rollicking melodies and thundering bass lines, the brainwashed hordes of the city's youth have amassed to carry on the proud tradition of unselfconsciously pumping out balls-to-the-wall guitar music.

Trails are one such group of intoxicated youths. Their newest single 'Is My Purple Your Purple' proudly bears the marks of a longstanding Reuben infatuation, but also demonstrates a dynamism which places Trails amongst such luminaries of the scene as Dinosaur Pile-Up and Tubelord. What's more the track is available for free download at the group's Bandcamp. It would be foolish not to take advantage of their generosity, especially when it sounds this good.