Watch The Dying Seconds video for ‘All in The Dark’

The Irish band’s sweet melancholy chimes the start of autumn, possibly.

Posted on Sep 5th, 2012 in Videos, The Dying Seconds / By James Pullin

Depending what side of the fence you’re on, September could be the end of something, or the start of something else. As summer’s light fades and the leaves start to drip from their trees, The Dying Seconds will release their debut album Glimmerers. Is this the end of summer, or the start of autumn?

The Dying Seconds teeter between traditionalism and futurism, touching on both, but in doing so remaining separate from either. Their sound is laced with layered beats and glitchy electronica, textured with melodic percussion, and haunted by a sublime vocal. It’s a sound rich with atmosphere and full to the brim with a warm emotional resonance. It’s a sound which has, unsurprisingly, seen The Dying Seconds championed by fellow purveyors of the heartfelt and honest, opulent and brooding - The National - who witnessed an early The Dying Seconds show in Dublin back in 2010. Is this the end of summer, or the start of autumn? Both.

Glimmerers is released on September 10th, and ‘All in the Dark’, which is the b-side to single ‘Scars’, is available now.