Kevin Devine Releases New Album

New album follows a long back catalogue.

Posted on Sep 8th, 2011 in News, Kevin Devine, Big Scary Monsters / By Alex Yau
Kevin Devine Releases New Album Brooklyn's Kevin Devine will release sixth album 'Between the Concrete and Clouds' on October 17th via Big Scary Monsters. Produced by long time collaborator Chris Bracco, mixed by Rob Scnapf and the first time Devine's been back by a band on an album, 'BTCAC' demonstrates Devine's broad range of influences and his talent. Along with his long catalogue, Kevin has performed with Brand New, Manchester Orchestra and Nada Surf.

A White Sea (Morgan Kibby of M83) remix of ’11-17' along with live videos of the pair performing together in Rob Schnapf’s (Beck, Elliott Smith, Tokyo Police Club) LA studio, filmed during the album recording sessions are now available free. The download can be found here.

Live videos (feat. Morgan Kibby of M83):

‘I Used To Be Someone’ -

‘Sleepingwalking Through My Life’ -


01. Off-Screen
02. The First Hit
03. Sleepwalking Through My Life
04. Awake In The Dirt
05. Between The Concrete And Clouds
06. 11-17
07. Wait Out The Wreck
08. A Story, A Sneak
09. The City Has Left You Alone
10. I Used To Be Someone
11. Part Of The Whole (UK bonus track)
12. Luxembourg (UK bonus track)

‘Between The Concrete And Clouds’ can be pre-ordered from now.