Hot Head Show - The Lemon LP

Fresh from supporting the mighty Primus on their recent tour, London three piece Hot Head Show release their debut long player The Lemon LP to whoops of joy here at Bearded HQ.

Released Aug 23rd, 2011 / By Suzi Ireland
Hot Head Show - The Lemon LP Opening with the sticky rhythmed ‘Bummer’, you instantly get a taste of Jordan Bennett’s hilariously poignant lyrics, or monologues as the singer himself refers to them. Over the course of the album, we hear Zappa-style tales of bizarre situations seen through the eyes of some peculiar characters. Recent single ‘Payload’, all heavy Gang of Four funk and rage rock, shows off the whole bands’ chops and is also a remarkably cool song. You find yourself accepting some words of advice in ‘Chopstickabean; Bambini’ and doing a weird little head dance to the balls-out psychedelic rock of ‘What Goes Round’.

Eleven extremely witty ditties played with fierce precision and musicianship which clearly led to them opening for Les Claypool’s gang. Lyrics that make you openly laugh out loud and well-crafted songs that stick in your head flatly refusing to budge. Some of these tracks will even have you dancing out of your seat as you try to work.

Dynamically very clever in areas, this album can go from the beastly to the timid and sketchy in seconds. Schizo jazzy sections crossed with big riffage give you the impression this is going to be awesome live and indeed they are. Although their influences are obvious, from post-punk and jazz through to Frank Zappa, Hot Head Show have developed a sound entirely their own and its damn good. These guys deserve to be huge.