The Entire City Release Post Punk Inspired Single January

Alt. rock outfit return with gothic post punk influenced fourth single

Posted on Nov 7th, 2022 in News, The Entire City
The Entire City Returning with their first material in three years, Liverpool based post punk duo The Entire City blast back with excellent new single January.

Now firmly their own bosses, the bracing track is the first release to be recorded, produced and mixed by the band themselves. Bearing traces of the Cocteau Twins in its spiralling guitar motifs, the cut evokes The Cure during the period when they mutated from the post-punk of Faith into the gloom of gothic masterpiece Pornography.

“Lyrically, January touches on subjects that are often difficult to talk about, using the central character of January to obliquely explore questions of loneliness, alienation and self-harm” the group explain. “The world can seem uncaring and chaotic. Wearing a mask to hide our true feelings is exhausting. But there is hope, and sometimes just breathing and letting the world flow over you is a valid response”.

January is available now through Spotify and iTunes