Tubelord @ The Haunt, Brighton 10.01.12

Tubelord's second album 'Romance' has been rumbling its way through the undergrowth for a few months now, and making quite a lot of noise as it goes. Characterised by the use of an eclectic range of styles and sounds, all bets are off as the Kingston four piece take to the stage of Brighton's 'The Haunt' to show off exactly what it is that they do.

Jan 10th, 2012 at The Haunt, Brighton / By Richard Guy
Tubelord @ The Haunt, Brighton 10.01.12 After a slightly nervy start the band quickly settle for what develops into a hugely varied and always surprising set of well constructed pop songs. They really announce their arrival during second song 'Never Washboard' which occupies a sonic space somewhere in between Hundred Reasons and Lady Gaga, and goes down an absolute treat. Frontman Joseph Prendergast seems to warm up as the set progresses and by the time they get to the sugary sing-along of 'Stacey's Left Arm' he is really belting it out to the delight of a decent sized gang of fans.

Tubelord are at their best during the heavier breakdowns, and whilst they are technically pretty sound throughout there is a tendency for some of the faster verses to come across as a little loose. Small matter however and what they lose in this they more than make up for in enjoyment factor. The huge variety of sounds on offer is genuinely impressive, mostly stemming from the diversity in the song writing itself but also being nicely augmented by the good work of James Elliot Field on the synth and drum machine, a part he plays with some gusto and it would appear really quite enjoys. The twists and turns don't stop and by the end even a cheeky reprise rendition of Tears For Fears' Shout doesn't seem particularly surprising. As the last notes of the rather beautiful ending ring out the crowd are sent away knowing that whatever it is that Tubelord do, they do it well.