We Were Promised Jetpacks @ XOYO, London 12.10.11

Tonight feels like a good night to be anywhere, as long as it's this room with these people. Tumultuous appreciation greets We Were Promised Jetpacks as they take to the stage in the fit of noise that is new album opener ‘Circles and Squares’, and the die-hard crowd is only frenzied further with the early outing of the ever-popular major sing-along track ‘Quiet Little Voices’.

Oct 12th, 2011 at XOYO, London / By Nate Selby
We Were Promised Jetpacks XOYO is packed out tonight, proving that this is a band that are truly realising their potential, and if further proof were needed, the crowd is joined by BEATCAST.TV who are filming tonight.

After the release of their second album In the Pit of the Stomach, We Were Promised Jetpacks bring a definite aggressiveness that has been lacking from the scene for a little while. Throughout the night the band demonstrate their uncanny ability to mould riotous noise with obligatory calm whilst never compromising atmosphere.

With vocals perfectly placed and guitars loud enough to start wars, Jetpacks barely pause for breath as they hammer out classics such as ‘Ships With Holes Will Sink’, the eerie ‘This is My House, This is My Home’, and brand new monsters like ‘Sore Thumb’ and ‘Human Error’, the old and new seeming inseparable.

The night hits it’s climax and as the last notes of ‘It's Thunder And It's Lightning’ disappear into the night, the crowd surfing congregation is left awed by the Scottish foursome. Seconds after the band leave the stage the fire alarm starts blaring. Roof on fire metaphor anyone?