Farewell J.R @ St Pancras Old Church, London 21.03.13

So, on arriving at St Pancras Old Church, you could be forgiven in thinking you were in totally the wrong place. However, step inside and you'll find a spectacle nothing short of magical. The walls and aisles are lined with fairy lights leading to where the alter should be but has been replaced by an assortment of instruments and yet more lights.

Mar 21st, 2013 at St Pancras Old Church, London / By Nate Selby
Farewell J.R @ St Pancras Old Church, London 21.03.13 The pews are filled with an enthusiastic congregation, whispering excitedly amongst themselves with intermingling nervous glances round the hall. There’s sort of an air about the church, an anticipation, an expectancy which is seasoned with a slight sense of foreboding as if at any moment we’ll be asked to leave by an angry priest.

Osian Rhys brings the hall to a hush. His unique vocal style and obvious flourishing ability fills the building, reverberating it to its very core. His Welsh overtones take your imagination to distant lands, while his lyrics ground you in the every day do’s and don’ts that is life.

Otillia casts a lonely shadow across the backlit wall. Such an unimposing sight, bravely embracing the centre of the stage yet somehow filling the hall easily with her presence. A romantically country tinge to her voice accentuating her carefully crafted syllables and captivating the audience such as a storyteller round a campfire, taking us to the evenings climax.

Farewell J.R are something else. It's not like you recognise what this is though it may seem vastly familiar. You’re not expecting this. You may have heard or thought you've heard something that you truly believe moves you more than anything else could, but in this place, on this night, nothing could speak to your inner being more than this.

J.R bring a brand of folk music that is yet to be explored. A passion that is inexplicably moving. Maybe you don't catch all the words. Perhaps some of the intricacies are lost on you, but the swell of majestic radiance will conquer your senses, leaving you gasping, cast a drift in your on sublimity.

It's genuinely one of those times where you don't envy a member of the band. So often you look upon an act and wish you were part of it, contributing in some way to earn the adulation of the gathered. Not now. If anything the band should envy you. You have prime position to witness.

Farewell J.R were unbelievable tonight. The building may have taken your mind for a gander. The support may have ensnared your senses. Farewell J.R took some indescribable part of you with them to keep.