Errors @ Heaven, London 18.10.12

As part of a hectic tour that will see them take in the UK, Europe, America and Canada over two months, Errors stopped by the arches of Heaven in London for a show on October 18th.

Oct 18th, 2012 at Heaven, London / By Nicholas Chapman
Errors @ Heaven, London 18.10.12 With a prolific back catalogue of releases spanning post-rock, shoegaze and electro influenced tracks, Errors are a hard band to place in any one category. You may draw comparisons between them and their label bosses, fellow Glaswegians Mogwai, and you’d be right: they both manage to create a lot of sound using synths and drum machines alongside more “traditional” band instruments. However such comparisons could be classed as somewhat lazy as both have their individual style and the former definitely has that dancefloor appeal.

Appearing on stage armed with an array of synthesizers, machines, pedals, guitars and drums they blasted through their set list with enough noise to recompense for the fact they only became a trio in the last year. Due to their considerable back catalogue, lack of discernible lyrics and penchant for arpeggiated synth lines the set did blend together somewhat. A handful of tracks from their latest release New Relics were played alongside older favourites such as ‘Tusk’ and ‘Magna Encarta’ however highlights were definitely the 80s influenced dance number ‘Pleasure Palaces’ and ‘Relics’ for which they were joined on stage by a guest vocalist.

In criticism they did tend to end tracks with a tempo slow down which was not always successful as the band drifted out of time with each other leading to sloppy sounding results. No doubt after they’ve finished this tour they’ll be faultless. Minor gripes aside Errors delivered a great atmosphere to a room full of appreciative fans, and based on front man Steve Livingstone’s comments, the band were appreciative too. And that can never be a bad thing.