Super Adventure Club - Avoid Zombies (Armellodie)

Super Adventure Club are a curious bunch. If you’re not a fan of South Park you might not spot what their name references. Let Bearded tell you a story:

Released Jun 4th, 2010 via Armellodie / By Gareth Main
Super Adventure Club - Avoid Zombies (Armellodie) In 2005, South Park aired a notorious episode entitled ‘Trapped in the Closet’, which lampooned the beliefs of Scientologists. As a Scientologist, although some claim without his knowledge, the late, great Isaac Hayes announced his departure from the show in which he’d voiced Chef – the school cafeteria cook and Christmas chart topping genius behind ‘Chocolate Salty Balls’.

In response, the always subtle South Park creators aired a show called ‘The Return of Chef’, in which Chef was voiced using cut up dialogue from shows past and, after going away for a little while, he was now only interested in molesting children. This was due to his involvement in a “faggy little club that scrambled his brains” that went around exploring the world for unchartered child bottoms. The “faggy little club” was called the Super Adventure Club.

So there you have it: this is a band that seems to line themselves with child molesters. Anyway, we’re not here to judge illegal sexual preferences, what about the music?

Well, like Gary Glitter, the band make infuriating bouncy pop, showcased no better than lead single ‘Pick Up Sticks’. But unlike Glitter, there’s something a little more dark and experimental in this Scottish band’s pop. Indeed, Avoid Zombies is one of the most idiosyncratic records you’ll hear this year. In places it works phenomenally well, in other places Super Adventure Club are a band lacking direction.

What is refreshing is that the band don’t take themselves too seriously. With a tracklisting that includes tracks called ‘Sheila’s Stabiliser Wheels’ and ‘Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle’, it contributes to a record that is an undeniably pleasant listen, and with the sunshine beaming in on us into the summer months, Avoid Zombies could be soundtracking a number of festival road trips over the next few months.

Nosferatu by Super Adventure Club by Armellodie