Standard Fare - Out Of Sight, Out Of Town (Melodic/Thee SPC)

From start to finish, Out of Sight, Out Of Town impresses.

Released Jan 10th, 2012 via Melodic / By Karen Louise Davies
Standard Fare - Out Of Sight, Out Of Town (Melodic/Thee SPC) Comprising of Danny How (singer/guitarist), Emma Cooper (singer/bassist) and Andy Beswick (drums) – Sheffield-based indie-pop band Standard Fare offer an addictive mix of uplifting and melodic songs. The trio are joined on Out of Sight, Out Of Town by Brad San Martin (trumpet) and Emily Gunn (violinist) – resulting in a huge, atmospheric sound.

If thought-provoking and captivating lyrics are your thing – this album really is a must-have. Descriptive tracks such as ‘Darth Vader’ and ‘Older Women’ add a witty slant to a brilliantly-written album. The vocals on Out of Sight, Out Of Town are tight across the board, with Cooper and How perfectly complimenting each other throughout. ‘Bad Temper’ showcases How as the lead and Cooper arrestingly belts out opening track ‘The Look Of Lust’.

Each song on Out of Sight, Out Of Town seems to paint a sound landscape – at times you’ll feel like you’re very familiar with Standard Fare’s small town beginnings and the frustrations that they’ve encountered along the way – they create accessible music that listeners can really identify with. The amazing ‘Dead Future’ features lyrics that very few bands would dare to use – it’s a brutally honest and unrelenting illustration of everyday life, describing feelings that most people can relate to.

Impressive lyrics aside, arguably the best thing about Out of Sight, Out Of Town is the massive range of sounds on offer – even after four or five plays, boredom doesn’t come into play with this album – there’s always something different to hear just around the corner. In a way, Out of Sight, Out Of Town collectively tells a story, however, each track has the individual potential to set the charts on fire – in particular, ‘Kicking Puddles’ stands out as a memorable, radio-friendly track.

If you’re looking for insightful songs that depict everyday life, with more than a little touch of humour, you’re going to love Out of Sight, Out Of Town.