Keith Top of the Pops – TOTP2 (Corporate)

Keith and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band pick up directly where they left off

Released May 20th, 2013 via Corporate / By Mikey Reynolds
Keith Top of the Pops – TOTP2 (Corporate) Friend and occasional co-conspirator of Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos, Keith Top of the Pops has once again brought together his Minor UK Indie All Star Backing Band. Their new record continues the mix of pop culture, emotional angst and 'proper fucking music' (more on that last one later).

The album was reportedly recorded in only a day: an impressive feat. This is more impressive given the mix that's on offer here. The album moves seamlessly from humorous pop responses like opener ‘Morrissey Will Never Forgive Me’, to cultural commentary on ‘#ProperMusic’ and more personal material with the likes of ‘I'm Alone, You're Alone, Let's Be Alone Together’.

With such sharp wit on show, there is a constant risk of it backfiring on Keith, but the album manages (just) to prevent the more serious cuts being swept away by the heavy helpings of comedy present. The aforementioned ‘#ProperMusic’ stands as a highlight amongst its surroundings on the album, a hilariously sarcastic glance at the state of British music. Lyrics for the track are based on real tweets from real people, which seem unbelievable when you actually listen back.

Two albums in, the Keith TOTP formula still seems to be working wonders and there's no reason to attempt to fix what isn't broken. Endearingly acerbic and wonderfully sardonic, the rather banal world of British music could do with more cut from the Keith TOTP cloth.