d_rradio - Parts (Distraction)

If the words “Be still my beating heart” were ever to be uttered about a record, d_rradio may well want to grab the copyright to it with their latest offering on the increasingly superior Distraction label, as Parts is the sort of record to leave you short on breath.

Released Aug 3rd, 2010 via Distraction / By Peter Clark
d_rradio - Parts (Distraction) Tagged down by neither genre nor niche, listening to Parts is hard work, yet a rewarding effort. It is by no means a complex record that takes many a listen to unravel, nor is it so simple that you feel like you’re looking for something that is not there (the orchestration is simple sensational), it is a record that can only truly be appreciated, or indeed enjoyed, when the listener is in the right frame of mind. It’s music which reverberates around the soul.

Gentle chimes, flailing violins, cellos, and electronica may not get everyone’s ears peaked in excitement, but it’s a break from the relentless norm that too often dilutes the ears. It’s a welcome relief to find Parts standing proudly on its own impending accomplishments, smirking in the face of adversity.

Parts throws up echoing similarities that are somewhat reminiscent of Philip Glass scoring the motion piece/artwork that is Koyaanisqatsi from the 1980’s. It’s haunting in its alienation of the listener as you struggle to keep hold of the notes being eroded into the wind.

It’s by track 12, ‘Ruins Of A Wall Of Sound’ that the heartbeat quickens slightly as a depth of electronica and flowing violins awash the speakers, gripping your spine, and making you realise that what you’re listening to is more of a poetic work of art than simply a musical record. Parts is comprised of 19 tracks, but only covering 35 minutes (less than one minute 53 seconds per track, as knowledge is power) and you begin to realise that the stanzas comprise a period of time, perhaps soundtracking someone’s breakdown or rebirth; it’s music which becomes instantly personal to your own references.

It’s important for d_rradio to stay away from the ambient tag so many people waft their hand at in disinterest, and instead grab hold of the rarity of creating music that is almost alive (so rare that Parts can also be bought on cassette), an earthly wall of sound orchestrating from your speakers, not just talking to you, but encompassing you, for Parts is not just a personal enchanting listen, it’s a necessary one.

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