Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void (Sub Pop)

You NEED to hear this record!

Released Jun 7th, 2010 via Sub Pop / By Jamie Hailstone
Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void (Sub Pop) Despite recording and touring since 2000, American roots rockers Blitzen Trapper remain something of a cult band. Their new album is just as stunning and as flawless as their previous releases, so what’s the catch? To put it simply, there really isn’t one. If the classic country rock of Wilco, the Byrds and Son Volt mean anything to you, then you have to own this album.

It’s 12 slices of prime Americana, with songs that managed to be both stir the heart and rock the soul in equal measure. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a slice of pure dad rock that will only appeal to all the 40-somethings who rushed out to buy the rehashed (sorry, remastered) version of Exile On Main Street. They will love it, but Blitzen Trapper go further than that.

Musically, they share a lot in common with bands like Delta Spirit and Fleet Foxes, who they have also toured with. Theirs is a classic sound, which is perfect for long drives in the hazy sunshine. Destroyer of the Void demands your attention in a way that few records manage to these days. You could download a handful of tracks, like ‘Laughing Lover’ and the sublime ‘Heaven And Earth’, but you won’t get the full picture.

Their music has a timeless quality that marks Blitzen Trapper out as one of the most exciting Americana bands out there today.