Apex Zero – Reality Provoking Liberation (Design Chaos)

West London's Apex Zero leaves no stone unturned on his latest call to arms

Released Oct 28th, 2013 via Design Chaos / By Leland Gill
Apex Zero – Reality Provoking Liberation (Design Chaos) While other artists brag about changing the game, Apex Zero aims higher in his mission to wake up the world and educate them on the many corrupt systems in place today. In Reality Provoking Liberation, he pulls no punches in his lyrics as he spits about current inequality and organising to forge a better world. The inclusion of sound bites of famous revolutionaries and social philosophers adds to impact of the music.

The songs on this album all have a unified theme but each one delivers the message in different packages. ‘Absolute Zero’ throws you into the deep end early with Zero spitting his rhymes at break neck speed supported by dramatic violins. ‘Don’t Follow the Image’ is a powerful song on the dangers of believing false stereotypes put forth by the popular media. The track also features Omeza Omniscient, who slings verses with the best of them, and Amy True who sings the hook and bridge.

‘A Meeting of the Continents’ is a slap in the ears as Zero brings on Hasan Salaam and Iron Braydz to form a super team on the mic. These three MCs waste no time in laying down ominous verses at a furious pace, matching one another expertly and keeping standards high. Apex balances the speed and aggression with the slower, more pensive track ‘Obtain Bearing’; a smart creative decision considering it gives the listener a rest in preparation for the kick-ass second half the album.

‘Reality Provoking Liberation’ is a message to the public about how the Governments of the world operate: sacrificing the poor in war and industry for personal profit. The tracks will resonate with those affected by various overseas conflicts, domestic violence in cities or global economic crisis. ‘Shackled by the Pound’ is one of the best songs offered as it features top production with a driving piano and delivery from Zero that matches the beat perfectly.

Although the quality of music offered here is great, the entire album could have used more breaks such as ‘Obtain Bearing’ to further balance the excitement. With such a high-energy package, allowing listeners a chance to breathe keeps the impact fresh rather than overbearing. Still, these are minor issues for an album that means much more as a whole than its individual parts.

Reality Provoking Liberation is a project meant for everyone to hear but will unfortunately only reach the ears of a select audience. Apex Zero uses his words and music to deliver a powerful call to arms against the evils of the world. Whether or not you answer that call is a personal decision but trust that this album is a good listen either way.