Mystro Raps Up 2011

Mystro hits us with his view on the year go by...

Posted on Jan 15th, 2012 in Videos / By Matthew Bayfield
Memory can be a tricky thing. From remembering laying on a glacial temperature beach in Yarmouth with your first love to your sixth birthday when Dad dressed up specially as Mick Hucknall (though in retrospect that was probably more for mum) some things are simply etched into your psyche, seemingly for eternity. At other times your can't remember a bloody thing, even if it just happened. Such as where your keys are, what time Eastenders starts on a Friday and where all the gin went. It goes without saying therefore it is impossible to remember the events of a whole calendar year.

But fear not, now you don't have to! Currently in its third successful year, Veteran UK emcee Mystro proudly presents the brand new video for ‘Rap Up 2011’. Directed by the minds of Wasteman Productions it does exactly what it says on the tin: The ever eloquent Mystro wraps up 2011 in florid lyrical style decanting all the horseshit you didn't need, leaving one concise overview of another year. Simple. Genius. I'm probably going to mentally check out for the duration of 2012 and let Mystro fill me in later to be honest... So forget about this article and watch above.