Jangly Melbourne four piece Twerps release new video ‘Work It Out’

Following the success of their 2011 self titled debut album, Twerps continue their spangly guitar odyssey

Posted on Nov 5th, 2012 in Videos, Twerps / By Alex Pullin

Twerps gave the listening public a taster of what was to come when they made the excellent b-side 'He's In Stock' available on Soundcloud back in August. Now their quest for shimmering pop domination continues courtesy of record label ‘Underwater Peoples’, which is also the home to fellow jangle enthusiasts Real Estate. Comparisons between Twerps and bands from the New Zealand based label 'Flying Nun' have been made, but there’s a feeling that the band have managed to capture something more special on this release. Their 90's influenced sound and reverb laced guitars really leave a mark, conjuring the dreamy aesthetics of The Clean, but feathered with a distinctly individual sensibility. The simple melodies and interwoven rhythm section makes this single stand out from their past work. This band has done some growing up since their first album; the rough edges of their debut sound have been buffed into fuller, brighter tones which are complimented by their now more developed approach to song writing. Following the recent wave of Australian music spearheaded by Tame Impala and Kevin Parker, Twerps hold up Melbourne’s glowing reputation for quality with ease.

Unfortunately there is no UK tour planned as the band has recently just finished a cavorting around Australia and the US. It’s only a matter of time before these guys make the jump overseas to England, and they’ll be well worth catching when they do.

'Work It Out' is out now on Underwater Peoples.