C2C Drop New Video

Check it out on Bearded

Posted on Jun 27th, 2012 in Videos / By Matthew Bayfield
Live turntabilism is an artform unlike any other, check out any DMC World Championship footage and you’ll be able to see for yourself that these Deejays are more than just a bunch of people who spin records for drunk students.

C2C, a name anyone who has ever checked out a DMC event will no doubt already know, are literally some of the best around. Comprising 4 members, the group have become widely renowned for their meticulously timed, infinitely dexterous sets, where all four members mix, cut and scratch simultaneously, usually to a dazzling array of lights & visual shenanigans.

Following on the release of their new EP Down The Road the quartet have just dropped a new video for ‘The Beat’ which you can check out above.

The gang will also be dropping into the UK for a no-doubt ridiculous display of dexterity and music to make your hips twitch in early October. Put bluntly, if you were impressed by the displays in the previous videos it barely compares to seeing the same spectacle in a live environment so be sure not to miss out on a show that will most definitely sell out by the time October comes around