Neon Windbreaker @ Birthdays, London 29.10.13

Neon Windbreaker & Birthdays combined give you everything you would expect from a Pink Mist gig.

Oct 29th, 2013 at Birthdays, London / By Paul Hutcheon
Neon Windbreaker @ Birthdays, London 29.10.13 Following a long haul flight overnight and playing their first gig in 6 months you would be able understand a lack of energy from the band, however from the opening chord the band exuded energy with dance moves reminiscent of At The Drive In.

Obviously keen to make an impression on the London crowd they ploughed through the first half of their set barely taking a breath in between songs. Vocalist Eric Warner took to the floor to get into the faces and get a reaction from the subdued East London crowd, one of whom was coincidentally was wearing a neon windbreaker.

At the mid point of the set Mat & Pat swap their guitar/bass duties which added more clarity to the band with a tighter connection between the rhythm section. Neon Windbreaker's similarities to Pissed Jeans shine through in their live show and are definitely worth the journey!