Midgar vs Proceed @ The Pav Tav, Brighton, 10.11.10

It has been a good year so far for Midgar. With the release of their mini album Lead Your Children To The Sky, videos for the album track and upcoming release ‘Karmic Retribution’, this tour with Proceed was a nice way to round it all off.

Nov 10th, 2010 at The Pav Tav, Brighton / By Joshua Morton
Midgar The flyer reads ‘Midgar vs Proceed’. However, neither band plays their set with a competitive edge. Each act is well received by a fairly motionless crowd that seem to nod their heads in time and admire the individual musicianship of both the bands.

Before either of the co-headliners took to the stage, local band Red Kyte played a short and well rehearsed set. Even though they are a fairly unoriginal pop-punk band, the harmonies were spot on. Considering the vocal harmonies are a typical trait of this genre, many new acts seem to forget the importance of them. Currently recording a new album, Red Kyte would appeal to the You Me At Six/All Time Low listeners on Radio One.

As per usual Midgar’s Andy Wilson-Taylor’s voice was exceptional. The changes in dynamics bring to mind bands like Biffy Clyro and Oceansize. The only noticeable hindrance of the night was when a guitar lost sound at the start of ‘Karmic Retribution’. This minor snag was easily made up for in the rest of the intro, both guitars precisely harmonising one another and cutting noticeably through the mix. Oli Wiseman’s drumming was also unforgiving with double bass pedal roles and fills that wowed the audience.

Proceed have had an equally impressive year and were unfazed at what they had to follow. Looking incredibly comfortable on stage the band performed tracks from their latest EP Curious Electric and their 2008 EP Seven Months and a Fire Blanket.

The live spectacle of Proceed is quite amazing; a mix of post hardcore, power pop and indie. On paper this band should not work. However, they continue to amaze audiences. Vocalist Dan Lancaster has a voice similar to that of Joseph Prendergast from Tubelord yet not as shrill, which really helps during the heavier sections of their songs.

No matter how heavy Proceed decide to play, the guitars always sound exceedingly clean. This is a huge bonus during songs like ‘Melancholy Monday’ and ‘Treading Water’ that has awkward guitar riffs and soaring synth parts. The live keys element also adds to the wall of sound the band produce, often creating an eerie backdrop to otherwise beautiful guitar melodies.

The Pav Tav was the final show of the pairings tour, and it did not fail to impress. Neither band seemed fatigued, but in fact tighter as a result. Continuing to tour and work as hard as they have been, 2011 should be a very successful year for both acts.