Hawk Eyes @ Newcastle Academy 2, 09.12.11

Hawk Eyes or Chickenhawk... different names, same brutality!

Dec 9th, 2011 at Newcastle Academy 2 / By Peter Clark
Hawk Eyes The last time Bearded caught up with Hawk Eyes (or Chickenhawk as they were still known at the time) up in the North East, they were supporting Alexisonfire on a larger stage downstairs from tonight’s show. But now on a smaller stage (supporting Ginger), the full ferocity of the band can be fully appreciated.

Considering the crowd tonight are of, dare we say, of a slightly aging criteria, who are keen on the pop-hooked melodies of the rock sounds of The Wildhearts, Hawk Eyes garner a great reception. Nonchalantly walking on stage, the band let rip with ‘NASA vs ESA’ and ‘Scorpieau’ with aplomb. Much like our last visit, the sheer raging guitar assault of Rob Stephens is a sight to behold. The simplicity that he adds ferocity to riff piled on top of riff leads the crowd to salivate in unison. Not to be outdone however, Matt Reid on drums is electrifying as the band storm through songs from their Modern Bodies record with tracks such as ‘Son Of Cern’ and set closer ‘I Hate This, Do You Like It?’ standing out as staples in the band’s set for many years to come.

We’re treated to plays of new tracks from their new Mindhammers EP that show perhaps a slightly more aggressive sound, which many probably didn’t think was even possible. What tonight has shown is that Hawk Eyes are not just a vital live band to see, but that also they are a band that are improving with each gig, with each layered riff, and with each spat lyric. This will not be the last time Bearded bounce like an idiot to Hawk Eyes.