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  1. Interview: HALEY

    Interview: HALEY

    The Twin Cities based singer discusses making one of the year’s most acclaimed albums Impossible Dream and future projects. Plus info on March/April 2017 UK tour dates

    Posted on Nov 11th, 2016

  2. Interview: The Lucid Dream

    Interview: The Lucid Dream

    The trailblazing Carlisle psychedelic quartet discuss the making of their lauded recent LP Compulsion Songs and future plans

    Posted on Nov 2nd, 2016

  3. Interview: Syd Arthur

    Interview: Syd Arthur

    The Canterbury psych jazz quartet chat about the making of their acclaimed new LP Apricity

    Posted on Oct 24th, 2016

  4. Interview: Sleazy F Baby

    Interview: Sleazy F Baby

    The Mancunian MC chats about his acclaimed debut LP All Blahk Tracksuit and recent EP Big Mac With Xtra Sleaze

    Posted on Oct 21st, 2016

  5. Introducing…Magana


    Our Introducing... series focuses on artists who we think are worth shouting about. Here we have Magana, a whisper in your ear, bedroom acoustics performer who has broken out from the background of being a session musician to taking centre stage.

    Posted on Oct 15th, 2016

  6. Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    The Liverpool post-punk quartet chat about their new EP trilogy plus upcoming tour dates

    Posted on Sep 9th, 2016

  7. Interview: Morriarchi

    Interview: Morriarchi

    The Sheffield based beatmaker chats about his highly praised new LP Buggzville Sessions and recent collaborations

    Posted on Aug 30th, 2016

  8. Simple Things Announces EXT  Programme

    Simple Things Announces EXT Programme

    More delights added to the ever growing Simple Things Festival

    Posted on Aug 30th, 2016

  9. Interview: Flyying Colours

    Interview: Flyying Colours

    Aussie shoegazers chat about their excellent upcoming debut LP Mindfullness, plus info on UK and EU tour dates

    Posted on Aug 29th, 2016

  10. Interview: Chillman

    Interview: Chillman

    The up and coming UK rapper chats about his debut LP Abstract Patterns and working with producer Verb T

    Posted on Jul 22nd, 2016

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