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  1. Jordie Lane

    Interview: Jordie Lane

    The Nashville based Aussie singer songwriter chats about his collaboration with producer Clare Reynolds on new album Glassellland

    Posted on Sep 8th, 2018

  2. Exclusive:  Dancehall Debut Album Track By Track

    Exclusive:  Dancehall Debut Album Track By Track

    London punk/garage trio guide us through the tracks on their superb debut album The Band

    Posted on Jun 19th, 2018

  3. Interview: Pinkshinyultrablast

    Interview: Pinkshinyultrablast

    The Russian electro dream pop outfit chat about the making of stunning new album Miserable Miracles

    Posted on May 15th, 2018

  4. Interview: The Go! Team

    Interview: The Go! Team

    Go! Team mainman Ian Parton chats about the band’s acclaimed new album Semicircle and their upcoming UK live dates

    Posted on May 8th, 2018

  5. Interview: Nicole Atkins

    Interview: Nicole Atkins

    Creator of one of 2017s best albums, Goodnight Rhonda Lee, New Jersey via Nashville singer Nicole Atkins chats about the making of the LP, touring and future plans

    Posted on Mar 11th, 2018

  6. Interview: False Advertising

    Interview: False Advertising

    The Manchester alt. rock trio give us the lowdown on their highly anticipated hometown-based all-day event Falsetival, due to be held in early April

    Posted on Mar 7th, 2018

  7. Interview: Saint Agnes

    Interview: Saint Agnes

    London rock n' roll crew chat about their influences, drawing from the blues, Motown and Spaghetti Westerns

    Posted on Mar 6th, 2018

  8. Introducing: Pale Rider

    Introducing: Pale Rider

    Liverpool’s redoubtable new psych rock quartet Pale Rider are put under the microscope

    Posted on Feb 14th, 2018

  9. Interview: The Barr Brothers

    Interview: The Barr Brothers

    Starting their UK tour this Friday, singer Brad Barr chats about the band's highly praised 2017 LP Queens of the Breakers and upcoming shows

    Posted on Jan 22nd, 2018

  10. Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    The Liverpool post-punk group discuss their new EP release Affinity Part 1 and future plans

    Posted on Nov 11th, 2017

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