Album Reviews

  1. Ursine Vulpine - Fenrir (Idle Hands)

    Ursine Vulpine - Fenrir (Idle Hands)

    The debut EP from Ursine Vulpine, otherwise known as 19 year old Freddie Lloyd, is both mature and beautiful. Encompassing a vast array of sounds and influences, all of the many instruments which from this scenic endeavor are expertly played by the man himself. Atmospheric to the last, each song portrays a miniature world in which everything has been expertly designed and cultivated. Put simply, its bloody marvellous, and addictive to boot!

    Posted on Oct 29th, 2010

  2. Washed Out - Life Of Leisure (Mexican Summer)

    Washed Out - Life Of Leisure (Mexican Summer)

    The sound of the summer can be found on Washed Out's new EP, and it's a euphoria you can get lost in.

    Posted on Jun 17th, 2010

  3. The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal (Armellodie)

    The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal (Armellodie)

    There's respect aplenty with the Scottish rockers' new EP

    Posted on Jun 1st, 2010

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