Dr. Syntax & Pitch – The Evidence EP (Komplya Records)

UK hip-hop stalwart maintains the quality on excellent new set

Released Aug 4th, 2015 via Kompyla / By Sam Bennett
Dr. Syntax & Pitch – The Evidence EP (Komplya Records) Dr. Syntax will need no introduction to followers of UK hip-hop. He's a stalwart on the live circuit and a phenomenally talented writer and performer. With a discography filled with quality releases, The Evidence EP is Syntax's latest project. A collaboration with Pitch, a fellow member of The Mouse Outfit, who is a producer with an ear for soulful samples and resonating drums. The EP continues Dr. Syntax's quality output and unrivalled consistency.

The silky flow displayed on the EP's self titled opener will serve as either a welcome reminder or welcome introduction into Syntax's style; the rhyme patterns are interesting and the beat polished. On 'Energy Flow' Synners tells lesser rappers that they're 'less convincing that Christopher Biggins playing a sinister villain'. It's this personality and quirky references that have made me a fan of Syntax since his 2007 Self Taught album. I've seen him drop the first verse at live shows before, and it's great to hear the recorded version.

'One On One' features classy sax lines and crisp drums, and a smooth and melodic showing from Syntax. His phrasing is perfectly in sync with the instrumental, and this track is a prime example of the partnership's obvious chemistry. The chilled, summery vibes created by Pitch's traditional drums (they still pack a punch though) and clear soulful, jazzy influences make the EP a truly rewarding listen, and 'Real Easy' further demonstrates the vibe this duo possess.

The penultimate track is 'How We Roll'. The funky, upbeat instrumental is energetic, and North Carolina MC Mattic's verse is excellently delivered. The organic sound created throughout the EP, through distinctive production and rapping styles and a down to earth sound, makes it a relatable and enjoyable project. Fittingly, the album finishes on 'People', which embodies those traits, and is a great closer.

The Evidence EP is a fantastic project; there's not a weak track or a subpar moment. Dr. Syntax is one of the most consistent in his field, and it's great to hear Pitch's talents outside of his work with the fantastic Mouse Outfit. This is one to acquire.