Wavves – King Of The Beach (Bella Union)

Disclaimer: No actual member of the band participated in this review. At no point did we ever speak to Nathan Williams. And even though he's probably said it at some point, he probably doesn't use the word 'dude' quite so much.

Released Jul 30th, 2010 via Bella Union / By Francesca Ronai
Wavves – King Of The Beach (Bella Union) Hey guys, Nathan Williams here, lead singer of Wavves, centre of much fuss and bother last year.

So...Primavera eh? Tough times - one minute we were every blogger's darling and then all of sudden we were this major fail circulating on YouTube. Shucks. I guess what they say about the fickle nature of the music industry is true.

Yeah, so last year’s Wavvves was a little bit too much style over substance - or maybe even hype over substance. But we're back now and I'll be doing my best to stay away from fistfights, ecstasy and Valium (allegedly). Or at very least, we won't be taking any freebies from a dude backstage called Alejandro anymore. I should've known something was up; Spanish guys called Alejandro exist only in Lady Gaga songs.

Anywayz, we have new album now (check out the AWESOME cover, all colourful and shit. And with a cat, just like our best buds Best Coast, except ours is smokin’ a doobie. Yeah! Far out!). And instead of just sticking an extra ‘v’ onto our band name, we came up with a title y’all! It’s called King Of The Beach and it's decidedly better than the last.

And you know why we called it that? Because we are the don dadas of surfer tunes. Not like those woosies The Drums. They're from Brooklyn, what do those dudes know about surfing?! We are from California - Mecca of surf. We can't help but trip over beaches here, 12-foot walls of water chase us around screaming things like 'gnarly' and 'cowabunga' - this is San Diego, man!
But as rulers over all strips of sand that lead down to watery heavens, we even opened the album with the title track. That way no one will ever doubt us. And we'll egg the sun on to burn our backs cause we are hardcore like that. Kings even! Or did I mention that already?

Plus we have this one track called 'Idiot', we opened it with canned fake laughter, that one goes out to all the haters sipping on their haterade. Of course we couldn't help mentioning surfing again, y'know it helps the kids recognise that we are surf rock gods if you keep bringing it up. Brian Wilson taught us that one personally.

Jingly background vocals man, that's another cornerstone of the surf. Great choruses of 'ooh-wee-oohs' juxtaposed by fuzzy guitars. That's what the chicks dig. First the California gurls and then the rest of the world!

But lovers, I know what you’re thinking. You guys are like, ‘Nate, ma boy, what about skating? Aren’t you supposed to be the dons of that?’ Of course! And I still gave all you scab-kneed and long-haired dudes something to mosh to. You gotta check out ‘Take On The World’. It’s like one of those slow-mo mosher jams that you can head nod too till you get that mad weed-rush.

Hey you know what though? I’m kinda bummed out, cause one of those smart-asses at Pitchfork said King Of The Beach sounds like Green Day. Dookie era – WTF? Like yooooooooo, so I know ‘Post Acid’ kinda, sorta, maybe, just like a tiny bit, sounds like ‘When I Come Around’, and yeah ‘Linus Spacehead’ too, but again, like not even that much.

Forkers! Dudes! Have you not heard ‘When Will You Come’ or ‘Convertible Balloon’ (yeah dudes, it's so sunny in Cali that even our balloons have drop-tops!)? With their hand-claps, tambourine walls and armys of sleigh-bells? Can you not hear the Sixties reverberating in your ear drums?

You guys need to come round mine, bring a six-pack of PBR, I’ll provide like a bazooka of a blunt. And then we can really chow down on this together. What do you say?