Ivan Campo - What Went Wrong (self-release)

If ever there was living proof that a fantastic band name, doesn't always lead to a fantastic band, this is it.

Released Jul 19th, 2011 via self-release / By David Waite
Ivan Campo - What Went Wrong (self-release) What Went Wrong? is pleasant enough. It's wistful. Inoffensive. The problem is, there is a distinct lack of good songs. In fact it's quite a large problem. It only takes a few tracks to a: bore the listener into submission, or b: have them reaching for a Death Cab For Cutie or The Coral album.

Most tracks are around the two minute mark, which isn't an issue in itself, but there are some occasions when the instrumentation begins to add some depth only for the track to finish prematurely. It is no coincidence that the one track which is given time to develop - record closer 'Bleakest Of Darkness' is comfortably the best on here.

A release in this genre usually sinks or swims by it's lyrical content and here is where the record is most noticeably lacking. Offering no real insight or narrative, It falls exactly half way between perceptive and irreverent, otherwise known as a town called cringe.

Frustratingly, it would be wrong to criticise the vocal melodies themselves. Plus It is always enjoyable to hear vocals sung in a natural regional tongue and in the case of What Went Wrong? the homely North-Western burr is unmistakable.

Elsewhere, the production is thoughtful, and features some lovely touches. Other high points include 'Sleep' which features a beautiful woodwind counter melody and the Morricone inspired intro to 'The Great Con' but it would be hard to sum up this EP as anything other than forgettable.