Debris of Titan - On The Home Slope (Self-Released)

NYC neo-psych duo unleash promising six track EP

Released Oct 22nd, 2015 / By Erick Mertz
Debris of Titan - On The Home Slope (Self-Released) The six tracks on On The Home Slope come across as quite a mature collection. The New York duo plays groovy rock, while revealing itty-bitty little bursts of gnarly prog influence to sweeten their inherent sense of the blues.

The band (members go playfully by the monikers, Nova and Fox, so I’ll eschew a formal introduction) plays sensuously loose on their longest track, “Where’d It All Go” before veering into melancholy on “Sleep With Me” a deceptively gentle, piano song, which explores dark thunderclaps and mournful keys. The last of the half dozen songs snaps off like an exhaled stoner’s dream, the most resonate line “when I get my shit together” echoing off into an oblivion, fading away like that very prescient realization should always fade, into a puff of azure smoke.

What Debris of Titan is successful with immediately is melting that cynical frost rime in their listeners. Their EP is diverse and if nothing more, faces squarely up to it’s one fault: it’s too short and still shows off some rough, unformed edges. All of the elements are on display though, making me optimistic for a full-length record from Debris of Titan soon. Their On The Home Slope is such a little tease.