Yucatan - Enlli EP (self-release)

Even after a listen or two it could still be a tad presumptuous to call Yucutan the the Welsh-not-Hopleandish Sigur Ros, however it does help slightly when describing Yucutan's style to another.

Released Aug 17th, 2010 via self-release / By Allan Judkins
Yucatan - Enlli EP (self-release) Being the first Welsh singing band you've heard since your grandad's male voice choir double cassette, they are clearly big believers of minimal chord progressions, pulsing kick drum orientated build ups and harmonised group efforts of non-lyrical mega-chants as are the aforemetioned Icelandic kings of atmosphere. However, there are less tendencies to go all falsetto on us, and a definite British contingent lurking in the high valleys of their rural sound.

The thunder disappears somewhere in the middle, like to the sudden fatigue of a Snowdonian ramble with the gradual boredom of Kendal mint cake kicking in. Though what should be applauded about Enlli is the clever mood placement; the reverse electronic effects at the opening of first track 'Cur' that would provide an apt soundtrack to waking up, when the dual glockenspiel action of the eleven and a half minute long ender 'Y Llif' help harness the EP's tres-gentil bedtime qualities. Thank you Yucutan and goodnight.