UpCDownC - Calaveras (Field)

Fourth album by upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start see the band going strong.

Released Nov 14th, 2011 via Field / By David Waite
UpCDownC - Calaveras (Field) Mixing elements of both post and stoner rock, UpCDownC (or to give them their full title upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start) return with their 4th album –Calaveras. The previous four being well received by critics and fans a like, it would be damn shame if the latest offering from this 4 piece (previously 5) from Kent be anything less.

Thankfully being minus one in number has not adversely effected another strong effort. Both life drums and loops drive compliment the song structures well, and whilst the producton treads the boundary between under-produced and raw, thinly at times, it is refreshingly honest. The swirling synths & arpeggio guitar bring to mind a piece of apocalyptic science fiction written in the past but set in the future. A moron might call it post-futurism – and gritty post-futurism at that. Like that zone in the crystal maze. If you’re into that sort of thing.

And they will not sit still with an idea. As quick as one down tempo prog chord pattern settles, it’s replaced with a pounding simplistic riff. Because any one section rarely repeats itself, it can be tough to really latch onto a song, particularly during a casual listen. Equally however, it’s impossible to get bored when nothing average outstays it’s welcome, and anything good leaves you wanting more.

‘Wolves In The Walls’ is a prime example. Initially underwhelming, it undergoes a metamorphosis and becomes an aggressive powerhouse and probably the standout on the record. It’s a bit like standing in a corridor between Explosions In The Sky and Kyuss shows.

At first, it’s easy to wonder whether they are a bit confused, or overcomplicating things, but after a few tracks it becomes apparent that they know exactly what they’re doing and what’s more, UpCDownC are pretty damn good at it.