Streetkind - Ocean Grown (Sweetpine)

Perhaps not really sure about where they fit in musical circles, but whether anyone will care enough is a different matter.

Released Aug 15th, 2011 via Sweetpine / By David Waite
Streetkind - Ocean Grown (Sweetpine) Ah Autotune. The great divider between music snobs and the masses. The defining stylistic technique of a generation? A massive deception capable of making a pretty face a star? That's a wider debate. But when bands who define themselves as alternative or rock start to embrace it, it must surely be on the road to acceptance.

In truth Streetkind is reggae infused pop record. Despite their press release, there's very little rock involved. In fact there's very little substance. Unsurprisingly, the band themselves are straight outta Miami and this offering is drenched in sun, as a consequence. No doubt, it sounds great in a drop top, cruising down the strip but staring out of a south london flat at a grey sky and a street full of traffic…not so much. There are lots of songs about hanging out and doing nothing, songs about partying and thinly veiled invitations for sex. It's all pretty sickening and above all very very American.

Ocean Grown is at it's least worst when it stops masquerading as reggae or rock and just jumps whole heartedly into pop. Such as on the track 'Chosen' which features a nice guitar line and feel good groove to match. Likewise on the A Ha-esque 'Jump Back' .

As far as influences go, Sean Kingston springs to mind. Wyclef at his more organic is probably too complementary. The vocals sound like but whether this is just due to the afore mentioned autotune factor is unclear.

Fundamentally, Streetkind need to make a decision. Are they a credible Reggae fusion band, or simply west coast/cali pop. Either way it's doubtful anyone on this side of the pond will care.