Dave Zup - Oh, It’s Going (Self Released)

Impressive debut set of old-school hip-hop by the Ohio MC

Released Jan 8th, 2018 / By Erick Mertz
Dave Zup - Oh, It’s Going (Self Released) Cleveland rapper Dave Zup has flow to spare, which makes a lot of sense. The dude has been putting out a steady stream of credible mix-tapes, singles and records since 2011.

Throughout the ten tracks on Oh, It’s Going, Zup explores an old school instrumental style that is almost always straightforward and easy feeling. Most of the songs blend throwback, 1970’s R&B and traditional roots hip-hop, translating to dusty grooves that are definitely smooth. Tracks like The Take Back and Leg Beat 7 blend his devilish, seductive delivery with a deft production and an ear for hooks. There aren’t many bangers to speak of on Oh, It’s Going. It’s less of a street drop than it is a mix of club tracks. When Zup’s delivery hardens, like on Every4Hrz and Get Fresh he comes off as much less charismatic, which is his strength as a rapper.

Zup doesn’t do gangsta or trap and there aren’t a hundred features on this thing. Instead, he stands forward like an MC in control of a strong set of songs. His lyricism comes off easy, allowing his unforced rhymes room to strike like a force of nature. A few times Zup puts his influence on his sleeve, like when he spins the instrumental Because Donuts a definite call out to the late, great J. Dilla. This record is really more about bucking trends though. Oh, It’s Going wows you because it knows what it is, a balanced, well-produced old school hip-hop album.