Beans On Toast – Giving Everything (Xtra Mile)

Essex singer-songwriter dishes out another helping of politically-fuelled antifolk

Released Dec 1st, 2013 via Xtra Mile Recordings / By Peter Clark
Beans On Toast – Giving Everything (Xtra Mile) Is Beans On Toast a modern day poet, talking/singing only in truths, echoing the essence of early Dylan? Or is he simply a guy with a guitar singing quirky, meaningless songs that are slightly repetitive? While displaying an exterior image of a bit of a down and out, not giving a shit about what anyone says, there is actually a powerfully witty, consciously orientated voice emanating from the forgotten classes, shouting out from the back, “hang on, this is all a bit fucked isn’t it?” Not that Beans On Toast would ever admit to such things.

Giving Everything opens with the anti-monarchy ode ‘Harry In A Helicopter', which offers as many laughs as it does bare truths. The musical depths of Beans On Toast don’t ever deviate from the most basic of basics, but that is not what his songs are about; rather, the lyrics carry the song with the music becoming a forgotten sound you don’t even remember hearing. From discussing the point of the monarchy to casually referencing the outlaw of masturbation on ‘Things’, and the self-derogating ode about being unable to play a set at Glastonbury festival (‘Can’t Get A Gig At Glastonbury’), no subject is off limits - so long as Beans has an opinion on the matter.

The thing that becomes addictive about Beans On Toast is that you find yourself agreeing with what he has to say, and you begin to sing along, particularly shown on his song about selling out music for commercial gain (‘Sold Out Shows’). The songs are as raw as the lyrics, with false starts and after-notes being left in to make the listener feel like it’s an immediate live event recorded on to a tape deck; music at its very core.

Beans On Toast has always been stated to sing about Sex, Drugs and Politics, but there is a lot more than that here, in abundance. While the music may not stretch many boundaries, the lyrics are the soul to Beans On Toast; and whether they make you laugh or grimace in disgust, it’s clear that his voice is one to stand behind and be heard.