Atlas Losing Grip: Currents (Hamburg Records)

Heart-on-sleeve raucous punk direct from Sweden

Released Jan 16th, 2015 via Hamburg Records / By Erick Mertz
Atlas Losing Grip: Currents (Hamburg Records) Something that galls me deeply is the way your metal and punk rock fan type friends will diss hard on indie rockers. You know the type of black draped, sleeve torn away dude who spouts venom like, “Oh, it’s so precious”. Or, how about this line, “dude should stop whining about every last thing in his life.” What did I tell you? You know the type I’m talking about.

Sweden’s Atlas Losing Grip is a fast punk band that’s released Currents, another fast punk record. Aside from a couple of demos back in 2006-07, this is their fourth proper album and after a couple of listens, it’s pretty good stuff. All of that aside, you must know that singer Rodrigo Alfaro has been injured. I mean, the kind of heart wrenching gut punch and he must tell you about it until your neck is stiff and you’re blue in the face. No. Wait. It’s not just the injury he’s dying to scream about. It’s the damn burden he feels as a direct result of it. Oy.

I’m not saying that I didn’t like Currents or that I was left unaffected by their speed driven, rumbling sound, crashing percussion and the racing guitar lines. I’m not saying that. I am saying, this is the kind of record that slows every few moments, allowing you get the verbal message loud and abundantly clear.

Someone’s feelings were hurt and this is their one and only chance to tell you about the tedium of being up on stage with a gaping, broken heart. You know the type. The sort that’s always whining.