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  1. Introducing… James Brough

    Introducing… James Brough

    Our Introducing...series focuses on artists who we think are worth shouting about. Here we have James Brough some kind of enigmatic sloth siren who has decided to shun all the usual methods of putting out music in favour of making one discombobulated, yet sonically captivating website.

    Posted on Jul 9th, 2015 / Features and Interviews

  2. Interview: Self Defense Family

    Interview: Self Defense Family

    NYC based post-hardcore group discuss their acclaimed new LP Heaven Is Earth

    Posted on Jul 3rd, 2015 / Features and Interviews

  3. Interview: Tor Miller

    Interview: Tor Miller

    The NYC baroque pop singer-songwriter discusses his recent EP Headlights and upcoming live dates

    Posted on Jun 30th, 2015 / Features and Interviews

  4. Interview: Gulf

    Interview: Gulf

    The Liverpool alt. pop unit chat about their future plans, plus a stream of new track Out Here

    Posted on Jun 27th, 2015 / Features and Interviews

  5. Interview: Lee Scott

    Interview: Lee Scott

    Storied UK rapper Lee Scott chats about his recent collaborative LP Butter Fly

    Posted on Jun 20th, 2015 / Features and Interviews